Get Your

Personalized App

With Your BRAND!

The App

That Makes Your Business Easy!

your brand!!

your brand!!

Your own customized mobile app on playstore helps you digitize your business

your brand!!

Offer Unlimited Services To Your Customers

  • Configure your services, business details

  • Offer unlimited products to your customers

  • Configure product pricing, product frequency and much more


Your customers can connect

with you through your app

your brand!!

Give Your Customer Personalized Experience

  • Your customers get your app

  • Customers can pay for all you services

  • Customers can register for holidays, extra deliveries online using mobile application

  • Real time feedback from customers


Check all

the reports, business 


anytime with Admin Panel

Products And Services

  • Product master creation

  • Create multiple services

  • Configure GST and other parameters

  • Scheme management and creation


Want to try the platform?

Try Pamtap app from playstore!


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