Is your subscription business in need of a billing, accounting and online money collection?

Download the pamtap app and follow the quick setup below

Service and Product Configuration

  • Offer multiple subscription services under one roof

  • Add, edit and configure products offered

  • Configure product frequency as well as pricing for each product

  • Assign products to customers for billing

Customer Configuration

  • Add unlimited number of customers

  • Configure customers subscriptions, previous due, advances and much more

  • View previous customer bills and collections

  • Track customer deliveries

Billing and Accounting

  • Automatic and one click billing at the start of the month

  • Complete entire billing and accounting within minutes

  • Send these bills to your customers by click of a button

  • Note previous dues, advances precisely and save losses

Collect Money Online

  • Collect money online just by sitting at home

  • Mark and track cash collections for accounting

  • Send payment due reminders

  • Customers will be able to pay for services anytime and anywhere

View Collection and Delivery Dashboards

  • View daily inventories, deliveries, customer holidays, etc in delivery dashboard

  • View current collection, pending collection in collection dashboard

  • Mark customer holidays, extra deliveries, etc


Setup Steps:

Step 1:


Download and sign up in pamtap vendor/distributor app