An app for all your daily subscriptions.

Now manage, track and pay online for your daily subscriptions; download the pamtap app today!


Service Configuration

  • Request, add new services for your daily/subscription services by a simple click

  • Get services from multiple distributors and manage them

Billing and Accounting

  • Pay for all the subscriptions under same roof

  • Manage funds and keep a tab on all the bills and payments

  • View current, previous bills and dues

  • View advances, deposits towards your distributors

Pay Online

  • Pay for all the subscriptions in one go

  • Manage cash payments along with all other payments

Delivery Management

  • View product deliveries everyday

  • Pause product deliveries when on holiday

  • Request extra products, reduce product quantities on the go

  • Track these deliveries online

  • Add new subscriptions, change subscriptions and much more

Setup Steps:



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